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Here come the girls….Meg Fenn on BBC news

Apparently there is an army of business mums in Brighton set to take over the city. Brilliant. My children were ace and I’m so proud of them – suffering through one of my ‘work’ things! Actually I think they were secretly just as pleased as I am about the news piece. Have a watch.

Meg Fenn in Easy Living Magazine

Calling all mums with an entrepreneurial streak, National Business Mum Week is coming to Sussex!

This year sees the first ever Business Mum Week, a week of activities and meet ups across the UK. This week is dedicated to women who balance business with family life on a daily basis to ensure a better future for their families. Mum of three Meghan Fenn, in Worthing, is ensuring the mums of East and West Sussex are included.

Meg herself will be hosting a networking meeting on Thursday the 8th October from 10am to 2pm at 50 Westcourt Road for a day of play for the kids and networking for mums. If the kids are at school or in nursery, just come on your own! Free copies of the latest Business Mum’s Journal will be available for any mum who has ever wanted to run her own business from home and there will be an opportunity to meet (and question!) other ‘mumpreneurs’ like Meg, in a friendly and relaxed environment. A light lunch will be provided by The Sandwitch Bar, Bakery & Deli* of Worthing who have kindly offered their sandwich platters free of charge. Plus, Victoria of Caterpillar Music* will be running a music session for the little ones!

In the lead-up to Business Mum Week, Meg, as the Sussex co-ordinator, is also looking for mums across the county to hold their own events. Full support is available and it promises to be a great week for uniting local women in business.

Meghan Fenn, of White Ochre Design, Better Days Out and organiser of Sussex Business Mum Week says: “Business Mum Week is a great initiative and I’m happy to do everything I can to unite the business mums of Worthing and East & West Sussex and ensure more local women with children are aware of the family friendly working options out there. This is a great way to both highlight the work of our mum owned businesses in and around Sussex and support the growth of more.”

MumsClub founder, Jane Hopkins, says: “This is the perfect time for Business Mum Week. With so many redundancies and the future potential for job losses, it is an important time for families to have options. Being self employed is the perfect way to combine family life with generating a second income. Women now have the freedom to get paid to do something they love. Great for household finances, great for self esteem, great for work-life balance. Starting up from home is low cost, low risk and incredibly rewarding. The dedication of our local mums has been astounding. Credit crunch? What credit crunch?”

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Meg Fenn is a Freelance Advisor

What advice would you give to aspiring freelancers?

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An Interview with Meghan Peterson Fenn, a Live It Publishing author What Would You Like Your Readers To Get From Your Book? For non-British readers, I hope they can relate to this book, use it as a companion and as a source of comfort in the knowledge that they are not alone. I also hope they find it helpful and informative.

For British readers, I think it’s an insight into what it’s like being a foreigner in Britain and I hope they find it inspiring and useful. …. SEE INTERVIEW

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Meg Fenn, the Worthing Mumpreneurs Networking Club Manager featured in Broadwater Pages.

White Ochre Design was shortlisted for a Worthing Business Award in 2010 and in 2011.